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Interesting Reading

I came across an interesting question that was posed by an author who put together a comprehensive bibliography of the resources relating to the Wesleyan Holiness Movement. In the section about the Church of God (Anderson), of which we are a part, he said this...

“Though unplanned, the stabilizing role of the Gospel Trumpet Company…can scarcely be overestimated. Its presence (and that of its successor Warner Press) in Anderson from 1906 to 1996 gave an authoritative voice to the movement. It remains to be seen whether the group, which reported 2,353 churches and 234,311 members in the United States in 1998, can flourish without it.” (Charles Edwin Jones, The Wesleyan Holiness Movement: A Comprehensive Guide (Revised), 274).

An interesting question and observation in a month when our General Assembly will vote whether to ratify a newly selected General Director--an occasion that naturally leads to questions regarding the future direction of our movement.