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July Newsletter

  • Written by Nathan Willowby
  • Published: 26 July 2012

Property Team Report July 2012

We have had a quite dry season so far and lawn maintenance has been unnecessary. The high temperatures have prevented most outside work so the focus has been on inside tasks.

We have accomplished the following:

  • The storage room to the south of the Baptistry has been cleaned, painted and re-arranged.
  • New curtains and rods have been installed in the north classrooms.
  • We thank all those who work to keep the building clean and keep the decorations current for season and coordinated with the church liturgical calendar.  

Some items we would like to accomplish are as follows:

  • Remove and cap off the inoperative drinking fountain in the fellowship hall.
  • Repair & repaint the walls and ceiling of the overflow room and repair the door leading to the hallway.
  • Replace some light switches that are worn and problematic at times.
  • Replace heating pipe supports above the ceiling in front of the kitchen.
  • Trim branches rubbing on the roof at front of building.
  • Replace rotting wood fascia at east side of sanctuary and repaint.
  • Replace deteriorated door panels at south wall of sanctuary.

We will also need some people to run the snow blower and salt the walks during and/or after a snow storm to ensure we comply with the City ordinances and make it safe for people to access the building.

If you are willing to give of your time and talent talk with David Titter and we will all enjoy the results.

Finance Team Report Highlights July 2012

Our finance team meets monthly to go over any discrepancies in the checking account to balancing the books.  This past quarter we looked at updating the software used for financial needs.  We are now using QuickBooks for Nonprofit. All transactions from the beginning of the year have been entered and the software is up and running.  At the end of June 2012 the ledger has reconciled to the bank statement.

Our Team consists of the following individuals:

  • Elizabeth Craig—Treasurer
  • Zora Walker—Secretary
  • Kathy Brad—Counter/Financial Secretary
  • Aberdean Morton
  • Pastor Nathan Willowby—advisor
  • Mary Crow & David Titter—Assistant counters


  • Bob Wood—Head Usher
  • Wally Egerton
  • Mary Crow

Worship Team Highlights

We welcome Penny Howland and Tim Schmidt to their increased roles on the Worship Team and assume that you’ve all noticed and appreciated their service! Thanks also to continued service and leadership by Jeff Prichard, Paige Prichard, Arlen Walker, Amber Williams and Megan Walker.

If you’d like to share an offertory piece or if you’d like to lead congregational prayer—please see Jeff or Pastor Nathan.